Pastor’s Corner 1/26/2020

esus Calls: “Come, Let’s Dance”

The call of Peter, Andrew, James and John we read in today’s gospel is a classic example of how God tends to interrupt the most ordinary lives. These men were fishermen. James and John were with their father, and like their father and probably grandfather, it was a way of life passed down from generation to generation. The world of boats, nets and fish was their comfort zone. It was their place of belonging and it was what they would pass on to their children. They never dreamed of a different lifestyle, nor did they have lofty ambitions for the future.

It’s kind of strange, but my call came while I was working at McDonnell Douglas Aircraft in Long Beach, the same place my father had worked for many years. While an employee at Douglas, I become involved with a young adult group which changed the direction of my life. I began thinking about serving God and His people in a more powerful way. Some of my coworkers at Douglas nicknamed me “Rev” because they saw the spirit of the Lord in me.

God enters our lives in ordinary circumstances, evidenced in today’s Gospel when Jesus called the apostles while they were at their normal work. He entered the lives of James and John and called them. He did the same with Matthew, Peter, Andrew and the other apostles. The same has happened in the lives of the saints and in the lives of many people we know. Jesus comes, calls, and changes lives.

Jesus enters each life in a personal way and wants to have a personal relationship with each one of us. It was that personal touch of Jesus that changed my life. Don’t be afraid to accept His interruption and be led in wondrous ways by the Holy Spirit. I have been blessed in so many ways since the decision to follow His call and I invite you into the same marvelous dance of life. My faith journey has been filled with mystery and wonder, heartache and sadness, blessings and grace. In all these years, I never regret responding with a “Yes,” and I have no doubts about this path of life. It’s a wonderful dance of grace and mystery, with the God born among us, given to us, and calling each of us. “Come, let’s dance.”

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