Pastor’s Corner 1/19/2020

God’s Glory

In the first reading from the prophet Isaiah we hear these words: “You are my servant, Israel, through whom I show my glory.” Although originally written to all the Jewish people of Israel these words are for us today. Are you a servant of the Lord? Do others see or experience the glory of God through you?

We live in a very self-centered society. To be a Christian is to be other-centered. These differences cause tension and challenge us in our faith walk. Others ought to see the glory of God through us, maybe not all the time but most of the time. Do others see God’s glory through us most of the time? If they see our glory instead, a self-centered focus, how might we change to better radiate the glory of God?

One way we can grow in radiating God’s glory is to learn how to share Jesus. This may require noticing opportunities in interactions with others and it may require becoming more comfortable telling our own faith story. I pray that many will make an effort as intentional disciples to learn how to better share Jesus, our hope, our salvation and the center of our lives.

In the Gospel today John the Baptist says, “I have seen and testify that he (Jesus) is the Son of God.” Let us testify that Jesus is the Son of God by radiating the glory of God and by making efforts to share our faith story with others. Peace.

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