Preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation is a two-year process for high school teens, starting in the Fall of their freshman year. During this discernment and apprenticeship period, Confirmation candidates are considered as disciples-in-training. Besides full participation in the Youth Ministry, Confirmation candidates have various opportunities to personally encounter Jesus Christ and deepen their relationship with Him and His Church. This multi-faceted approach includes monthly faith sharing sessions, weekly Masses with their families, three special sessions/rituals with their sponsors, an annual retreat, and serving those in need (corporal works of mercy). Moreover, our disciples-in-training are integrated in the larger parish community by participating in various ministries and parish-wide events. Once confirmed, our engaged youth are prepared to live as young disciples of Jesus Christ in the Catholic Church.

Sessions & Rituals For Candidates And Sponsors:

  1. “Ritual of Promise” welcomes and blesses Year 1 candidates and their sponsors as they embark on the faith journey together.
  2. “Commitment to the Journey Ritual” marks the half-way point at the beginning of Year 2. The candidates commit to continue their journey of preparation.
  3. “Ritual of Affirming Confirmation Candidates” takes place after the Year 2 weekend retreat and celebrates the beginning of immediate preparation for the Rite of Confirmation.

The Sacrament Of Confirmation

Once candidates complete their two-year preparation, they receive the sacrament of Confirmation during the Easter Season (Between Easter and Pentecost). Click here to read the Confirmation Rite Guidelines at the LA Archdiocese website.

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