Greetings to all from St. Rita Parish Community

Father Tom

Whether you are new to our parish or have been a long-time member you are welcome. Our vibrant parish, with many ministries, out-reach process and social organizations, has been serving this part of the San Gabriel Valley for over 100 years. Information here on our website summarizes most of these, and it is my hope that you will browse through these pages and see where God is calling you to be involved. Part of our Rite of Baptism reminds us we are called to walk as children of light and to pass on the light of faith. While that can be done in a variety of fashions, this little booklet gives ways you might consider doing it here at St. Rita’s Parish. 

The world today can be very impersonal (examples: on-line shopping, self check-out and recorded phone instructions), and we can do many things today without actually interacting with anyone. We can live our faith in the same way. I invite you to live out your baptismal call to walk as children of light. May your involvement and interaction with one another, build up our community of faith here at St. Rita’s and beyond.

Blessings on each one of you,

Fr. Tom Baker

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