Pastor’s News Notes 10/8/2017


Someone after Mass last Sunday was concerned about “the color they chose to paint the sculpture that surrounds the Risen Christ” on the back sanctuary wall. Please know that it WAS NOT PAINTED—it is exactly as it was. It only looks so different (it “pops”), because the wall behind it was painted white—a restoration to the original, from the yellow gold that had the effect of blending. Now we see it as originally intended. The Risen Christ is emerging from the grave that was “hewn from rock,” which explains why the textured background appears as stone, and, I would add, in a color typical of the Holy Land.

Pastor’s News Notes 5/14/2017

I thought I would follow up my letter sent out to you last week regarding the Church’s actions being taken in the realm of shepherding immigrants and refugees.

Generally, response has been supportive and understanding, but a few observations that have come to me from you deserve sharing: (paraphrasing) Continue Reading

Pastor’s News Notes 3/26/2017


On behalf of my family and from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU for the many expressions of condolence, offering of prayers, and support that you have sent our way at this time of losing my dear sister-in-law, Connie. It was most comforting to my nephews, Jeff and Brian, and the whole extended family to share that Fr. Bill’s parishioners and mine here at St. Rita were holding us up at Mass and in prayers of the faithful during these days. Connie’s holy and sacred remains were placed next to those of her husband, my brother Ron, after a beautiful celebration of the Holy Eucharist in thanksgiving for her life, at her parish of Holy Trinity in El Dorado Hills CA. God bless all of you for your goodness and kindness. Continue Reading