Pastor’s Corner 1/20/2019

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

In the Gospel today we hear the story of the wedding feast at Cana. At this wedding feast   Jesus performed his first miracle, and this miracle was prompted by the request of his mother.  Mary continues to be an example for all of us. Not only should we request things from Jesus, we can turn to Mary and ask her to intercede for us. She reminds us to “do whatever he tells you.”

Doing what God asks isn’t always easy, but it is the source of salvation and brings hope to the world. Jesus began his ministry with the word “COME” when he selected apostles to come and follow him. The final request he made to his followers was to “GO” and proclaim the good news. As disciples who have been called to COME and follow Jesus, are we GOING to proclaim his message and share his mercy? Mary reminds us to “do whatever he tells you.”

Remember, actions speak louder than words. May we each use our gifts, talents and treasure for the building of God’s kingdom and for the betterment of our world. Through the intercession of Mary may our actions reflect our faith and bring hope and mercy to the world. Peace.   

Pastor’s Corner 1/13/2019

Today we conclude the Christmas season as we celebrate the Baptism of the Lord. Tomorrow we begin Ordinary Time, which continues until Ash Wednesday, March 6th. As we celebrate the baptism of Jesus, let us recall the importance of water in the sacrament of baptism. In this initiation sacrament water symbolizes cleansing, through which our sins, including the stain of original sin, is removed. Water also symbolizes new life. Just as the earth needs the rain for new life and growth, so do we in our spiritual life. This begins with the sacrament of baptism and is remembered each time we enter church and bless ourselves with the holy water. That blessing is to recall our baptism and to acknowledge our need to water our faith life if we are to grow. Continue Reading

Pastor’s Corner 12/23/2018

Advent has always been an especially sacred time for me. It is a time to start a new year focused on God. The focus centers on the God-man event, the incarnation. To me this is the most extraordinary event and most wonderful of gifts. Our God chose to become part of our lives, part of our world and part of our history. As I reflect on this event, I realize that it’s not simply a thing of the past – but also, and so importantly, a thing of the present. I witness God becoming incarnate today in many ways: in the outstretched hands of service, in the repentant hearts of those who seek forgiveness, in the grateful worshippers gathered in prayer and through the financial generosity of those who support our parish. God becomes part of our history (our story), as we allow Him to be born anew in the world through our good works and prayers. Continue Reading