From Father Tom

Pastor’s Corner 3/29/2020

Today’s Gospel is the story of Jesus raising Lazarus to new life. Back in 1994 I had the awesome privilege of going on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land with a group of priests. While there, each priest placed a request to be the main celebrant at a sacred site. I chose the tomb of Lazarus for the site to be the main celebrant amongst this group of priests. What an honor and a remarkable place to celebrate Mass, the place where Jesus brought Lazarus forth from death.

Pastor’s Corner 3/22/2020

Two Buddhist monks on their way to the monastery came upon an exceedingly beautiful woman at the river bank. Like them, she wished to cross the river but the water was too high. So one of the monks lifted her on his back and carried her across. The other monk was thoroughly scandalized. For two hours he scolded the monk on his negligence of keeping the holy rule. Had he forgotten that he was a monk? How dare he touch a woman – and more, actually carry her on his back. And what would people say? And on and on he went. Finally, the other monk broke in and said to his scolding brother, “I dropped that woman at the river. Are you still carrying her?”

Pastor’s Corner 3/8/2020

In the first reading today we hear the call of Abram (Abraham). Israel, represented by Abraham, was chosen to play a decisive role in God’s plan of salvation. God too has called us, each in different ways. Although our call may not have been as dramatic as the call of Abraham or others whom we read about in the Bible, it is still our call.

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