Boy Scouts at St. Rita Parish

Sierra Madre Boy ScoutsThe Boy Scout program at St. Rita Parish was first chartered in 1929, eleven years after the founding of the parish. Except for a period of time during the 1970’s, the scouts have been active in supporting St. Rita Parish and the community of Sierra Madre.

Troop 110 accepts all interested boys ages 11-17 who are willing to adhere to Scouting’s Values. Though most of the young men are parishioners, Troop 110 is a diverse group that includes members from a variety of faiths and backgrounds. In addition to outdoors adventure, the troop strives to develop the ideals of service, self-reliance and leadership. Emphasis on duty to God, country and community are core Scouting Values which will act as a “moral compass” as they enter adulthood.

Rank Advancement is self-paced rather than being based on a timeframe. The troop’s expectations are that by the time a young man is enters his mid teens he will be an active participant in troop leadership and, along with the other boys his age, will be responsible for planning the troop activities and mentoring the younger scouts. Troop 110 is lead and run by the boys themselves with adults acting more as advisors.

Troop meetings are held the first three Tuesdays of each month at 7:00pm in Msgr. Gara Hall. The only exceptions are when the troop is participating in some off-site adventure. 

For complete details about Troop 110 and to view their calendar of events, please visit their website.