Pastor’s Corner 3/17/2019

Body Talk

Sometimes I like to sit in a mall and just watch people walk by. I try to read their body language, identifying issues reflected in their posture, fitness and attire. Some people have a spring in their walk, others slouch and some just cruise by. Some faces are smiling, others expressionless and some marked with sadness.

The body is indeed a metaphor for the spiritual life. Jesus transfigured in prayer, radiates holiness and beauty. So brilliant is the scene in today’s gospel that a cloud offers refuge to Peter, James and John and from the cloud they hear a voice say: “This is my Chosen Son; listen to him.” In obeying the commandments we will share in Jesus’ glory and our faces will be radiant and our bodies will shine the light of the Lord. Wouldn’t it be nice if our bodies radiated holiness and beauty? During Lent let each one of us allow our body to talk – and let it express the greatness of God. Peace.

—Fr. Tom

P.S. Happy St. Patrick’s Day. May we all have the same missionary spirit of this great saint. And don’t forget to “GO GREEN.

Pastor’s Corner 3/10/2019

Today we celebrate the 1st Sunday of Lent. The three pillars of Lent are prayer, fasting and almsgiving. These traditional Lenten disciplines are forms of self denial and they help us turn toward God as the source of our happiness. In prayer we admit our need for a power that is greater than ourselves – we recognize this power as God. By fasting we express our desire to find happiness in God rather than in the satisfaction of our physical needs. Through almsgiving we provide assistance to the needy and recognize God as the true source of our security. Continue Reading

Pastor’s Corner 3/3/2019

In today’s Gospel, Jesus is speaking about blindness and good versus bad trees and fruit. His example of someone blind leading others reminds me to stay focused and centered on Jesus. As your spiritual leader, I must be careful not to get blinded by the world’s values or my own self interests, and lead you poorly. Continue Reading